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                Hainan Tongguling tourist area is located in Longlou town, Wenchang city, Hainan province, is 30 km away from Wenchang city. The tourist area is composed of "one mountain and one park",namely,Tongguling and mangrove ecological restoration park. It is characterized by mountains, stones, forests, fog, rivers, seas and bays, integrating coastal mountains, bays, tropical seasonal rain dwarf forests, marine culture, Fubo culture and ecological culture into one. With an altitude of 338 meters, main peak of TongGu Mountain is a famous coastal mountain in the easternmost point of Hainan Island, is known as the first peak of eastern Hainan Island. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides, topography is strange, vegetation is luxuriant; there are 18 different sizes of undulating mountains along with main peak, its shape like crouching tiger in the frontier, and like rising flood dragon in the sea, momentum is boundless, and magnificent. The unique landscape of the tourist area not only attracts tourists with the five unique landscapes of "Beautiful rocksi, Rare fog,exceptional woods,white wave and beautiful bay", but also is famous for the discovery of "tropical evergreen monsoon rain dwarf forest" in the world in the living nature.


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