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                The overall planning area of Tongguling International Tourism Resort is 86 square kilometers, including 46 square kilometers of land area, including Tongguling National Nature Reserve, Baoling River, Qishui Bay and Moon Bay, and 40 square kilometers of sea area, which includes the original ecological tropical rain forest of 30 kilometers coastline, sea erosion landform of hundreds of millions of years, natural scenery of the Bay waters integrated with mountains and seas, as well as adjacent areas. China Space City enjoys the magnificent scenery of satellite launching. These two world-class tourism resources are superimposed and overlapping, which constitute the natural conditions of the unique international tourist resort of "sea, mountain, forest, sky and human". Tongguling International Tourist Resort will be developed in stages and on a rolling basis to build 10 major tourist functional zones, namely "Pearl of the South China Sea", "Fubo Holy Land, Encouraging the World", "Haitian World", "Silk Road Huaguo Navigation Town", "Baolingshui County, Qizhou Islands, Sunrise Beach, Crocodile Beach Tourist Area", and strive to make Tongguling a national-level Tourism Zone combining ecology, culture, intelligence and experience. Tourist vacation and leisure area.

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                Hualong Tongguling Tourism Service Network

                Leave you a better memory of Tongguling


                In order to facilitate tourists'life in Tongguling, Hainan Hualong Tongguling Tourism Holding Co., Ltd. has set up this website. Provide booking information such as accommodation, catering and recreation in Tongguling to facilitate tourists to make travel plans and provide guides for tourists'life. Hope to leave better memories for tourists through the service of this website.

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                Address: service hotline at long Lou Diamond Road, Wenchang, Hainan: 0898-63328888
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